A trip to the gents may be relieving but now it can be exciting as well. With the new Pee Goals, you can practice your aim and you might even score.


We don’t expect many homes will be in need of one of these but have a word with the landlord at your local and tell him he ought to install Pee Goals in the gents. The Pee Goal consists of a green base, goal post and a little football on a string. Take aim, shoot and see if you can score a goal.On a more practical note, the base of the pee goal protects the urinal from becoming blocked with cigarette butts or any other unwanted objects. It’s easy to clean and the base can be trimmed if necessary to fit any size of urinals.

Pee Goals are suitable for pubs, hotels, restaurants, football stadiums, sports clubs and loads of other places.


Peegoal 3 Pack £12.99….Buy Now

Peegoal 6 Pack £24.99….Buy Now Already played Peegoal? Why not send us a review of this product and win yourself a Lazybone voucher….more

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