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Vibram FiveFingers - Sprint

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Product Description

Vibram fivefingers are a revolution in footwear. The feeling of barefoot with the protection of a shoe. The Vibram Fivefingers act as a second tough flexible skin and are not only a great alternative to regular footwear but also preferable when partaking in a variety of sports. From watersports to climbing, fishing and many other sports the versatility and grip of the Fivefingers makes them the choice of most sports people.

The shoes we wear make our foot muscles lazy, weak and more prone to injury. Walking and training in FiveFingers will challenge, strengthen and protect your feet

Fivefingers are engineered for a wide spectrum of activities. Machine washable and incredibly durable, they are your most reliable training partner

Each of our feet has 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. These moving parts in our feet need to be worked to keep them healthy.

Experts believe the shoes we wear are not only reshaping but weakening our foot and leg muscles, leaving them lazy, underdeveloped and more prone to injury. Add to this the fact that our walking environment has changed so much over the last 100 years - we have flattened everything from roads to pavements – and the result is lazy, understimulated feet.


Why train barefoot?
Whether training for strength, endurance or speed, all our movement originates from our centre. Training barefoot keeps you aware and focused on your shifting centre, increasing gluteal and core activation and working the smaller muscles in your feet and legs. Postural alignment, balance, bio-mechanics and weight distribution are all altered unnaturally by wearing shoes.


Shoes do a good job of protecting from the elements, but over time they desensitize the tiny sensors in your feet that tell them how to react to the terrain. Eventually our feet grow lazy and weak, triggering a chain reaction up the entire leg that can lead to shin splints, runner’s knee, and iliotibial band strains. Cushioned running-shoe heels add to the problem by shortening calf muscles and the Achilles tendon.



9 reasons to wear FiveFingers: 

  • Enhanced running efficiency - research has shown that running barefoot results in a 4% increase in efficiency.
  • Decreased blood pressure - as your feet strike the ground at a slightly different angle with each step, multiple muscle groups are activated resulting in greater blood flow back through the venous system.
  • Decreased ankle sprains - better awareness of foot position from direct contact with the ground and reduced leverage and twisting around the ankle may decrease risk of ankle sprains.
  • Lowered risk of shin splints - shin splints, ITB syndrome and peri-patella pain are often caused by altered biomechanical loading of the limbs. Barefoot runners land mid-foot, increasing the work of the foot's soft tissue support structures, increasing foot strength and possibly reducing the risk of injury.
  • Reduce back pain - by removing the heel lift we bring our hips back to their natural alignment, taking the load off the facet joints in the lower back.
  • Enhance proprioception - our feet are able to sense and relay data back to our brain, allowing us to better handle challenging terrain.
  • Stronger foot muscles - if you don't use it you loose it. Wearing FiveFingers engages and strengthens our foot muscles.
  • Diminish risk of bunions - conventional shoes press our toes together. Fivefingers gently spread them and encourages the big toe to work.
  • Optimise balance - superior sensory feedback to the brain means better balance and faster reaction time. Important for athletes and seniors.

 Size Guide:

Getting the sizing right:
Measure the length of your foot from the back of your heel to the end of your big toe while standing. You'll get the most accurate measurement if you have your heel against a wall - stand on a ruler or a tape measure, look directly over your foot and read off the end of your big toe. If your foot measurement is just over go for the size below not above.

Fivefingers Womens (W)

EU     UK      CM
36      3.5       21.5
37       4         22
38      5.5       22.5
39      6          23
40      6.5       23.5

 Fivefingers Men's (M)

EU     UK      CM
41        7        25.3
42        8        26
43        9        26.9
44      9.5       27.8
45     10.5      28.7
46     11.5      29.5
47       12       30.4




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